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Date(s) - 26 marzo 2018 - 28 marzo 2018
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Held in February 2015 in Paris, the first Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit (PPRS), which gathered more than 1000 participants, confirmed the need for better maintaining road infrastructure and urban networks in order to support the mobility of people and goods.
In fact, public and private stakeholders have already launched a variety of initiatives regarding governance strategies, financing, new contract models, as well as new and innovative techniques and materials.
Testimonies from all continents prove that there is currently a wide consensus among participants, users, contractors, both from the industry and the public sector, to stress the necessity of preventing our roads from experiencing an irreversible degradation. This view is shared worldwide, in industrialised and emerging countries and the expectations are high.
This is the reason why major international organisations, such as PIARC, ERF and IBEF have decided to support the initiative of the French associations USIRF and IDRRIM to organise a second PPRS Congress that will take place from 26 to 28 March 2018 in Nice (France).
The objective of this second PPRS Congress is to analyse and examine the state-of-the-art on road maintenance and modernisation, to identify best practices (in terms of policy, economy, finance, techniques and the environment) and to highlight opportunities offered by innovative technologies and the new related services provided by the roads and streets.
I am pleased to convey to as many road stakeholders as possible an invitation to attend the Congress and to contribute to its success by sharing with all participants their ideas, experience and enthusiasm.
By doing so, we will be able to propose concrete and sustainable solutions challenges of the maintenance and modernisation of our roads. We will also contribute to ensure tomorrow’s mobility and to foster socio-economic and cultural development worldwide.
This is why I invite you to already mark this event in your agenda and I look forward to seeing you in Nice next year.

Jacques TAVERNIER Jacques Tavernier
President of PPRS Congress Nice 2018
President of USIRF

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